What is your dream job?

The simple answer is that my dream job would be writing for a living. And I sorta do that. So I already sorta have it. Which is sorta awesome 🙂

I suppose if you want to get even more technical though, my dream job would be writing whatever I want, likely fiction.

Is it silly? I’ve always wanted to be a Young Adult book author, probably some HOPEFULLY cool young adult novels which I think are often a lot better than people give them credit for, being ‘kid’s books’ and all, but I wouldn’t even mind cranking out some semi-formulaic series as well!

In that case, I’m not quite there, but I still get to write news filler which is basically whatever random thought or rant I want to throw down a few paragraphs on and it gets stuck in the empty corners of the news paper. They encourage me to have a bit of a smartass tone in headlines and such which is probably because I’m young and I can “get away with it”… it’s not quite the DREAM, but it’s better than like when I was first checking to see if any writing jobs existed for me and I’d come up with “technical writer for car maintenance manuals” or something like that which I tried in my junior year in college to try and make ends meet. 😛

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