Stop Being Assholes

I hate to be an utter bitch but you guys NEED to stop being assholes to each other. It’s A+ to have opinions, but if someone doesn’t ask you for it, don’t give it. If you don’t have a helpful comment, don’t reply. Want to say something snarky and witty? Save it. We want things to remain friendly, helpful, and drama free in our lives, and recently it was taken too far. Half the time I see people give their advice without being asked for it and 80% of the time they are just an excuse for snide remarks. Stop.

Should we make everything default in our society like a big social network? Or can you guys grow up and behave? Don’t use an excuse, treat others how you want to be treated, and if your first thought is “I want to be treated like shit” or “I don’t care how I’m treated”, I feel sorry for you.

If anyone sees another person causing shit then the chance is high that you will be the next if you let them into your life. And you might want to give others a warning about them as well (if they ask your opinion about them). Because it’s not snitching, it’s not tattling, it’s helping keep your circle of friends out of harms way.

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