Getting Married Young, Super Young

Yikes, out of all of the things that I think that I can accomplish now, getting married like super young just scares the bejesus out of me. This post on reddit, well, psBattle just gave me the chills. Not because of the totally piss mom in the back, but because they are so damn young. Like 18. And I read that they were getting married so that they could share the military benefits married couples get. But jezz. I mean they are are 18 and they haven’t even gotten a chance to grow up yet. When I was that age I was getting ready to start college and I was scared shitless and now I am almost done and… Yeah, well, same response. They got married the day after they announced it to the families so they didn’t even get a chance to send out the invitations. Announcements maybe. That stinks because I found the perfect wedding invitations for them on Wedding 2K, too.

They had linked to another post where they said that she was pregnant. And that is something that I couldn’t imagine being right now.

The Young & Wed

Generally I am not against getting married young. For some people that can be the solution. I mean if you have found your soul mate, why push them to the side on your quest for finding the right one? You already have. It is a little bit like winning the lottery. You don’t say: “sorry, I’ll pass.” You look at it as your lucky day and you happily go on with your life.

And that is how it should be.

And in an ideal world that is how it would be.

Getting married young has a lot of benefits. But for most it comes with the reservation. Those were what I wanted to highlight in the photo. It is one of those moment when you have to stop and think, what is going on here. Why are these kids getting married? And what will happen to them in the next couple of years? The thought that they might end in divordce is probably going through everybody’s mind. At least there are a couple of faces that are thinking that.

But it doesn’t mean it will happen.

And though couples that get married young do tend to have a higher risk of divorce, they also have a longer life expectancy. All due to the fact that they will have a chance to find themselves and take care of one another.

That is the beauty of getting to find your soul mater early, and realizing that you won big!

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