Better Than The Gym

Despite not getting to the gym so far this week, I have had plenty of exercise … shoveling snow.

We got a bunch of snow on the 24th (night before, during the day, and into the evening; I shoveled at least once, maybe twice that day). Christmas Day was mostly clear, but we got more snow that night so that I had to shovel yesterday (the 26th) and today (the 27th). I think we had about 3 inches of light fluffy stuff overnight, although I have not seen the official total. It was not that heavy to shovel, but my feet, back, and arms are still quite sore from the sheer volume.

TV weather is calling for “5 to 10 inches” of new snow on Wednesday. My arms and back are still sore from yesterday.

On the bright side, when they forecast “no more than an inch or two”, that’s when we got the ten inches of snow. So if they’re forecasting 10 inches, maybe we’ll only get an inch or two. Well, I can hope, anyway.

The skiers should be happy, at least. 🙂

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