Getting Married Young, Super Young

Yikes, out of all of the things that I think that I can accomplish now, getting married like super young just scares the bejesus out of me. This post on reddit, well, psBattle just gave me the chills. Not because of the totally piss mom in the back, but because they are so damn young. […]

Better Than The Gym

Despite not getting to the gym so far this week, I have had plenty of exercise … shoveling snow. We got a bunch of snow on the 24th (night before, during the day, and into the evening; I shoveled at least once, maybe twice that day). Christmas Day was mostly clear, but we got more […]

First Date Payple, Sheesh

Who pays on the first date is like hella easy when you just follow this simple rule. And trust me this will be the rule whenever you ask people out. Whoever asked the other out pays. Period. Saying “the man” or “the woman” really excludes a whole lot of dating scenarios and plus is totally […]

Real “Jeans”

Is it impossible to find a real pair of jeans that: A) Have no or little enough stretchy material (lycra, spandex. etc.) to actually earn them the name JEANS rather than “denim leggings“? B) Do not have flares that potential stretch into the next zip code??? Because if there is such a thing anymore, I’d […]

Stop Being Assholes

I hate to be an utter bitch but you guys NEED to stop being assholes to each other. It’s A+ to have opinions, but if someone doesn’t ask you for it, don’t give it. If you don’t have a helpful comment, don’t reply. Want to say something snarky and witty? Save it. We want things […]

Too Many Secrets

I happen to not like to pry into people’s secrets (and hope that means they’ll treat me the same.) True, it’s a little different on a potentially larger scale like this but basically I am generally happy with what I do and don’t know. It’s very possible there are big secrets being kept from me […]

What is your dream job?

The simple answer is that my dream job would be writing for a living. And I sorta do that. So I already sorta have it. Which is sorta awesome 🙂 I suppose if you want to get even more technical though, my dream job would be writing whatever I want, likely fiction. Is it silly? […]

Magna Cum Laude

My advisor confirmed this afternoon that, barring unforeseen acts of God(s), I will be able to graduate in Spring. I still plan on walking for commencement – my dad chimed in and said he wouldn’t be the only one seeking my head on a platter if I didn’t – and that’ll be next May. I […]